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Here is A Duel Monsters Unlimited and YVD (Soon) clan for people to talk, socialize, improve decks and other things. :)
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 Event for Noob Clan!

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Event for Noob Clan! Empty
PostSubject: Event for Noob Clan!   Event for Noob Clan! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 9:33 am

Since so far we have 6 members I want to try to get 15-20 at around middle of september. Sounds big so i dont see it coming so fast since people arn't really INTO forums.
If we can get 15 At least and all online we could do this event and if so i WILL try to make my own server
(Please dont ask to be GM) but if i can 50-50 i might or not
i hope everyone use the chatbox so we can test each other decks and find each other easily over BYOND or DMU
Now back to the real subject <.< afro Once we get around 15 members we could make a tourny and if people could put in their decks (weak or strong doesn't matter) we could all duel and say i win one round i get the persons deck i beat u could just put random 40 cards idc xD just for da fun of the clan
If you want to post other ideas go to the Ideas forum (Bout to make) please and if you DO have questions go to Questions and ask

I am gonna start recruiting Admins at around 10 members and please try to find other people for the clan! It would be faster and a lot of help!!

Thanks everyone!

Cool cheers
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Event for Noob Clan!
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